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It had been a few weeks since Leo had last seen, or heard from anyone at the manor. For all he knew, Piper was shacked up with that 'Jeff' character .. while Chris was left to bear the burden of keeping his agenda secret from his own family. Not that he wouldn't have been used to it by now. Still, Leo wished that Chris would open up to him more, so that he wouldn't have to carry that burden on his own. It was doubtful that Chris would confide in him anymore than he already had, though. They still didn't exactly get along. With a sigh, he silenced his thoughts. Sitting around, thinking everything to death wasn't going to get anything done. He needed to lend a helping hand, before it was too late. He had driven Dan out before, after all. Some new guy shouldn't be too much competition. First, though, he needed to talk with Chris -- to find out exactly what Piper and this Jeff character were up to. And just like that, he went orbing into the back room of Piper's club -- which was currently closed.

Chris didn't notice Leo orbing into the club, in fact he wasn't paying much attention to anything apart from kissing his girlfriend.

Bianca was too caught up in the moment as well, not particularly interested in her surroudings.

Just what a father wants to see -- his estranged son sitting there with the woman who he could only assume had been the one who until recently been trying to kill him .. making as if it was their wedding night. And in his mother's place of business, no less. Leo's features too on a dissaproving look, before he purposely cleared his throat to get their attention. "Ahem."

The noise gets Chris's attention, and he breaks the kiss and turns to see Leo, who was the last person he wanted to see at this exact moment. It takes Chris a
uneasy lies: minute to come up with something intelligent to say but eventually he comes up with; "Don't you ever knock?"

Bianca just puts one hand to her mouth, avoiding looking at anything but a pace of bare wall. She was now understanding why the don't usually do this back here and felt just slightly embarassed, not just by the position they were in but because of the fact this was not going to pretty, gathering Chris wasn't (was he ever?) in the mood to deal with his father.

Leo had expected as much. He had half the mind to counter with something along the lines of how he must have missed the 'plase do not disturb, I'm currently making out with my ex-fiance from the future' sign. Arguing with Chris wouldn't get either of them anywhere, though. He knew that much by now. And besides, fighting wasn't exactly the first impression he wanted to leave on this girl -- Bianca, as far as he could recall. If she was from the same future as Chris, it was safe to assume she disliked him as well. Leo just wished he knew why. "I didn't mean to interrupt," he admitted, despite himself. Better to try and keep the peace, right?"But I think we need to talk."

"What about?" Chris asks, trying to focus on anything apart from the fact that his dad just orbed in on him making out with Bianca.

Bianca disentangled herself slightly, starting to feel like she was watching a soap opera unfold.

Leo sighed, before averting his gaze from both Chris and Bianca -- instead folding his arms over his chest as he focused on the various items aligning the wall. To let the both of them compose themselves -- although Chris didn't seem to think it was much of a priority. He hadn't even bothered to introduce him to the girl. But then, that shouldn't have really surprised Leo, either. "What do you think?" He continued from his new position. He had tried talking with Chris about Piper's new love interest before, and had recieved the cold shoulder for his efforts. It was Chris' ass on the line here, though. Leo couldn't do this by himself.

"How about a crash course in learning how to knock?" Chris muttered to himself, looking apologetically at Bianca. "Sorry?" He offers to her quietly as a way of an apology, and taking the opportunity to compose himself, thankful that they had both managed to keep their clothes on. He glances back at Leo and raises his voice slightly. "I'm guessing this is about mom."

"It's okay," Bianca answers quietly. She shrugs a little, moving off completely now. "I should...let you get on with it."

"You don't have to go," Leo spoke up after having overheard Bianca's response. He turned to face them once more, only this time the brunt of his attention seemed focused on her rather than Chris. "I've been wanting to meet you for a while now." His gaze moved over toward Chris momentarily -- he half expected him to jump up and chastise him for even attempting to try and talk with Bianca. "You're probably the closest person in Chris' life now .. so that makes you just as much a part of .." Their family? ".. all of this."

"You might get to meet her in twenty years." Chris points out to Leo, but he doesn't say anything else on the matter.

"Um, thank, I guess." Bianca says, unsure of what to say to that. After her tense meeting with Piper, she wasn't expecting...politeness? Now, if only it was the parent Chris actually liked...

All right, back to the matter at hand. Leo turned his attention to Chris, who seemed to have that chip on his shoulder -- as was usual whenever the two of them were in the same vacinity. "I'm going to go out on a limb here in guessing you have no idea what's been going on with Piper and .." Leo tried to hide the venom behind his voice as he spoke the other man's name, though it didn't do much good ".. Jeff."

"Not really," Chris says. "We don't exactly talk about our love lives, Leo. All I know is that he hasn't been by the manor when I've been there, and no one's mentioned him to me."

Thats a good sign, Bianca noted mentally. Having her fiance exist was high on her priority list.

Leo sighed in response to Chris' answer. Apparently, it would all be left up to him, after all. "Maybe there's a way we could find out what's going on with Piper. If we could get Phoebe to use her new power .."

"Or you could try talking to her, maybe asking her what's wrong?" Chris shrugs, not at all comfortable with giving relationship advice.

Bianca smiled slightly, slightly amused by the fact Chris had actually given some pretty good advice - on a relationship no less.

"It isn't that simple anymore .. not after everything that's happened between us. She's distanced herself. I'm not so sure she'd be willing to open up to me again .." Leo glanced between the both of them, brows vexed in thought .. up until he had kept the urge to act fatherly at bay, but it was wearing on his mind the longer he waited. "Speaking of relationships -- you two are using protection, right?"

Chris went bright red before burying his face in his hands. Once he was concieved he was going to kill Leo. A lot.

Bianca made a noise somewhere between a laugh and a cough, biting her lip to stop herself.

Leo looked expectantly between the two. He had been completely serious.

Chris takes a moment to compose himself, probably to stop himself from doing anything stupid, like dying of embarasment or killing his father. And he looks at Leo, "Yes, we are."

Bianca is too busy trying to stop the tears of laughter to compose herself, and decides just to hide her face in her lap.

"All right, good," Leo nodded as he spoke. He wasn't sure what else to say .. After all, he was Chris' father -- even if the latter hated him. "If you ever need any hel--advice! Advice, or .. anything. Just ask."

"Could we maybe never talk about this ever again?" Chris asks, glancing over at Bianca and he glares at her laughter, because this wasn't funny. It was embrarrasing.

Bianca decides to at least try and compose herself again, wiping her cheeks and sniffing but still shaking slightly

"I guess that was 'the talk' .." Leo mused aloud, brows lifting as he watched Chris -- as if expecting him to confirm as much. "I think we're supposed to hug now." He paused. Like that would ever happen. ".. But I won't force you."

"I'm not sure you're supposed to give 'the talk' to your 22 year old son," Chris says. "And I'll pass on the hug, thanks."

"Especially one on thier third engagement," Bianca muttered quietly, rolling her eyes slightly, feeling a little better. She wasn't really intending to be heard, but it had to be said.

"Third--" All right .. so he had gotten sidetracked. No big deal.A t least he could rest easy knowing that Chris and Bianca were being safe. With a sigh, Leo shook the fatherly thoughts from his mind.

"To the same girl," Chris doesn't exactly want Leo to have a heart attack any time soon. "Anyway, are we done now? Or is there anything else?"

Deciding shutting up is the best thing to do, Bianca stays quiet.

He inhaled a deep breath before continuing. "I guess so. I'll try and talk with Piper .. but if that doesn't work, we might have to involve Phoebe."

"Sure, do what you need to." Chris says.

Bianca just satback on the couch, trying not to pry.

"I guess I should let you two get back to .." Leo motioned toward Chris and Bianca, seemingly tongue tied. ".. yeah. It was really a pleasure to get to meet you," He said to Bianca, before glancing toward the door. "And I'll try using this more often."

"Thanks," Chris grins slightly. "It'll be appriciated."

"A lot." She adds, managing not to grin.

"All right, so .. I'm gonna go." As awkward as the atmoshphere in the room was, it was a surprise he hadn't left earlier. Leo managed a smile, before exiting -- this time through the door. No better time to start.

Chris watches him leave and looks over at Bianca, "We're staying in your apartment from now on." He decides.

"Kind of a mood killer," Bianca admits.

"Kind of?" Chris asks. "I think I'm traumatised."
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