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charmedones_rpg's Journal

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In a quiet street in San Francisco live three sisters. To the outside world they are normal every day people, Piper is a mother who owns a club, Phoebe is San Francisco’s top advice columnist and Paige is the ex-social worker who’s just trying to find her calling in life.

However to the supernatural world they are the Charmed Ones, the most powerful witches in the world. This is their sixth year as witches, in the past they have lost a sister and gained another, they have defeated the source and one of them has become a parent and has lost her husband to a higher calling.

What does the world have in store for them?

Only time will tell.


This RPG is set straight after the end of Valhalley of the Dolls Part two. Piper has just asked Leo to keep his distance, Phoebe has just discovered her new power of empathy and is trying to deal with it, Paige is beginning to realize the good that she can do through her temp jobs and Chris is just trying to keep all his secrets while protecting Wyatt.



1. You have to be over 18. This RPG may contain adult themes and situations so you should be mature enough to deal with that.
2. "Grammar and spell check are your friends. We are no longer in kindergarten kids, things like "U r kewl!" and "w00t teh r0x my s0x, liek omg! p3n15!" won't be tolerated. (And besides, it lowers your IQ level.)
3. Don’t control other people’s characters. The only person that has the right to do that is the mod and then that will only be done under special circumstances, such as a prolonged unexplained absence.
4. Slash and het are both allowed, however I would like to keep a nice balance between the two, we don’t want too many slash pairings and leave nothing for the ‘straight’ folk, just like I don’t want it to be all straight couples and leave nothing for the ‘slash’ folk. Also when it comes to slash and het pairings, if you don’t like it then don’t read it.
5. Please label all NC-17 posts and post them behind an LJ-cut tag.
6. No flaming other people, if there are any problems I would prefer that they went through me.
7. Post regularly. I’m not asking you to post ever day, but you should be posting at least once every week.
8. All entries will be considered public knowledge. If you want a private entry, or only certain people to see it, make a note at the top of the entry stating that, otherwise it's front page news and everyone will know.
9. The actual RP-ing will take place over AIM and will then be posted behind a LJ-cut tag in the journal.
10. The moderator reserves the right to change/amend these rules if and when she sees fit.

Characters taken:

Chris Perry.
Paige Matthews.
Bianca (from the future)
Piper Halliwell.
Leo Wyatt.
Wyatt (from the future)
Phoebe Halliwell.

Available characters:

Prue Halliwell.
Penny Halliwell.
Patty Halliwell.
Darryl Morris.
Cole Turner.
Andy Trudeau.
Dan Gordon.

Anyone else you can think of bringing in that isn’t already taken.


Made Up's

If you wish to bring in a made up character, please submit the request with the character's information and how you plan on playing them (personality wise and such.) and it will be approved on a case by case basis. (Note: You'll need a good reason for why they are there).

This is because the last thing we want in the game is an ‘almighty powerful being that has, like, super powers! And can kill anything just by looking at it!!! And ohmygod cannot be stopped!!!1one11!!!’ just like we don’t want any Mary Sue characters.

Also, just by sending in an application for a Made Up character doesn’t mean that you will be accepted.

To apply

Send me an e-mail at katyhaughey@hotmail.com with the following information on it:

1. Your name and age:

2. The character you wish to play (please include a second choice as well. You won't be required to create a journal for them until you've been accepted)

3. How often you are online and available to play and your time zone.

4a. Any past RPG experience you have (in any fandom, any medium). If it's an LJ (or some other journal) RPG, please include a link to your pup's journal.

4b. A sample of your writing if you do not have a pup journal to send us to.

If you have any questions about this either e-mail me or contact me on AIM at uneasy lies.